Saturday, 1 May 2010

Vegetable Experiment - Update

Just a quick update on some of my planters. I'll start with the tall
planter in the corner. I planted the French beans in here, no sign of

The middle size planter next to the watering can. This one is the
mixed salad, no idea what leaves I'm going to get there. Not that you
can see from photo but I have some small shoots showing.

The last of the big planters has the rocket, not showing and the lambs
lettuce, which is the big green band you can see. It's doing well,
could probably do with a bit more sun, if anything.

The herbs have been so far a no show, except for the tarragon. The
thyme has started to show some green shoots but the parsleys are not
to be seen, yet.

It's still early but hopefully by the middle of May I'll be using some
if the salad leaves. Here's to hoping.

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