Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Today's View

Today's View - is this not meant to be British Summer Time or at the
very least springtime? It is the 31st of March! Ah well the sun will
turn up soon enough. Fingers crossed.

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Days Out - Pollock House

<p>Spent a great day out yesterday with the family. We spent the afternoon walking about the grounds of Pollock House. One of the many National Trust for Scotland's properties. We have a family membership that only costs five pounds a month so I easily make more than my money back. Free parking and free entry to all properties in Scotland.</p>
<p>Sound a bit like an advert for them but I'm great believer in what they're trying to do. Plus I get access to places you wouldn't normally get. That way I get to be outdoors with the family without being in the wilds, not a place my wife is into. This way we get a bit of both and we're happy</p>
<p>Pollock House</p>
<p>The weather wasn't too bad but as you can see from the photographs, it was a bit threatening. Luckily the clouds were all for show. Dark and moody but came to nothing so we had a dry time of it.</p>
<p>Pollock House</p>
<p>It's the first time I have ever visited Pollock House and it's surround park. It's also home of the world famous Burrell Collection or so the bumpf says. We never ventured up that side of the park. It's only a ten to fifteen minute walk from the house itself.</p>
<p>We spent most of our time about the main house, the stable block and the walled garden, which was a bit of a disappointment but I suppose that the weather has truly be harsh of late but even the hot houses were barren. I'm sure once spring has newly sprung then it will be a lot prettier. Stable block was good. It houses Glasgow City Council's Heavy Horse Team and you can see the horses in the stable. It is also home to the City Council's Park Ranger who is there to offer information and a certain times guided walks through the grounds</p>
<p>Pollock House</p>
<p>All in all everything was good and we will definitely be back to wander and explore more of the park and the house. Especially once the weather gets better and the gardens are in full bloom.</p>

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Out Walking

Went out for a walk this evening for a change with the pram and @babybunten aka Rowan. It was a great evening for a walk. Dry and clear. Went along some of the cycle route 756, when we got to Nerston we headed over to the Stewartfield Loch or the James Hamilton Heritage Park, whichever you prefer. Well I managed to take a couple of photographs and I thought I would share them as I like them.

Stewartfield Loch

Looking towards the island as the sunsets.

Sunsets over Stewartfield

Further round towards the island where all the ducks and water fowl were gathering.

Stewartfield Castle

A view if the castle or tower.

Red sky

This last one is of the red sky over the Show Ground on my way home.

All in all we walked approximately 5 miles, to and from the loch. It was a good distance and a cracking evening for it. Roll on spring, the longer days and the chance to do this more often with the all-terrain pram.

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@babybunten boo

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tunnel Vision

<p>Tunnel Vision from tookiebunten on Vimeo.</p>

Was messing about with the iPhone and stuck it to the dashboard of my car. Just to see and why the hell not? This was my favourite clip from the journey home.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Vegetable Experiment - Year 2

This is me in my second year of my great vegetable experiment. Last year was more success than failure so I have a lot to achieve this year to match last years harvest. It's on.

I finally got my finger out today and got my vegetable planters sorted for the new growing season. It wasn't entirely my fault, the weather has been terrible and the snow and ice has, in the last week or so just melted and thawed enough. I had a look at the planters earlier in the week but the soil was just too hard. I could also finally see the damage the weather had wreaked on my winter vegetables.

Destroyed crops

As you can see from the photograph; my winter cabbage, swedes, beetroot had been destroyed by the snow and ice. All that was left to do was to dig them out and get it set for the spring, refertilized with chicken manure.


However it was not all doom and gloom on the growing front. I had some new growths from my herbs. Somehow they had managed to survive where the vegetables had died and some of them were even sprouting. Hopefully I'll be able to nurse the tarragon, curly parsley and thyme that have lived, to maturity and be able to use them again this year.

New sprouting

Now all I have to do is decide what to seed up and propagate and plant them out when it's time and the weather is warmer.

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Today's View

Today's view - cracking sunset, the sunny going down behind the hill
and park at my home.

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Today's View

Today's View - car is in a devil of mood. It's a beast.

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Going no where....

Stuck in traffic after the football, going nowhere fast.

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