Saturday, 8 May 2010

My Year in Beer - Beering Around The World

It started last year, my birthday to be exact, 7th of May 2009. I wanted see how many different beers I could drink in a year because lets face it I do like a beer and I have drunk plenty of beer. Now that year is over and it's my birthday again. One more year older but not necessarily one more year wiser.

It all started with taking a photograph of an early birthday beer and posting it on my twitter account, tookiebunten. Well it was my birthday after all so I treated myself to a lunchtime beverage. It was your everyday bottle of Miller; Genuine Draft, MGD. Yes it's an American import but a favourite of mine. All in all a good way to start my birthday.

Well after that as a gift I received more beer, if you don't know me better you would think I had a problem and my nearest and dearest were fuelling it!

This got me thinking how many different beers and lagers were out there? Well google doesn't know and it is one of the oldest prepared beverages dating back millennia. Sad I know but I'm a bit of a geek.

After that disappointment, I like to have the facts, people. I wondered how many different types, flavours, styles, nationalities of beer were freely available to me. The only criteria was that I had to be able to walk in and buy it over the counter. Lets face it in this day an age I can go on the interweb and get anything from anywhere.

Well the quest started. However it may not be accurate as I don't think I took photographs of every bottle of beer but you can see from the slideshow above I gave it a very good go! Lets face it, I'm human and sometimes I forgot.

One thing I really wish I had done was take notes or at the very least written down my impressions of each beer that I could have tagged on as tasting notes. I'm now starting up a new posterous to go back and re-visit the beers and write up my thoughts. You'll find it here Beering Around The World. Also gives me an excuse to drink more beer, not that I need one.

Well I'm now full circle and it's my birthday again so that was my year in beer. Here's to another. Cheers

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