Thursday, 19 August 2010

Times up

It would seem that time is up for my Casio Pro Trek watch. A couple of
weeks ago I noticed the time was out by over an hour. I set the watch
to the correct time. That's when things went arse over tit.

It set to the correct time then it blinked out at me, back on it came
but the display read 'closed' but the battery was showing a full
charge. Weird. Nothing doing, tried pressing all the buttons, tried
pressing all the buttons together. Again nothing.

Fair enough. I left it on the windowsill facing the sun for a few days
just to be sure. It's solar powered. No luck. Now it's showing nothing
as you can see by the photograph. The display is dead.

I've searched the tinterwebs and greased pipes but to no avail. I'm
hoping someone will read this and be able to help. I know the watch is
10 years old but I'm hoping it can be saved it's been a great watch.

Any questions or if you can help leave a comment. Don't be shy.

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