Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Days Out - Whitelee Wind Farm

Whitelee Windfarm

Spent the afternoon up at the Whitelee Windfarm with my 8 month old daughter, she was in her buggy, I was on foot. I really do wish I had a better camera as the few photographs I took don't do the place justice. We had such a great day out and would thoroughly recommend it, especially if you like being in the outdoors, either walking, cycling or even running. There's over 90km of well marked hard packed gravel trails that I had no problem pushing our super duper all terrain buggy over. I would recommend that if you are pushing one that it does have suspension and inflatable tires, if only for the comfort of your son or daughter.

We took a short option of about 6km as time was a bit short and there was a feeding to be had for my daughter, she is a growing baby after all and these things can take time in the outdoors. Too much going on. However the walk was a good one plenty of wildlife and views to be had. We had a couple of wagtails fly past, well I think it was, I'm no ornithologist. We also saw a Kestrel hovering among other things. All in all a great walk in the fresh air. Great access to the high moors & mosses that you just don't normally get.

Whitelee Windfarm

The photographs taken with my iPhone make it look like a very dull and overcast day but it really wasn't that bad, yes it was pretty bright and the clouds were well above 3000ft, so much so that the vast majority of Ayrshire was laid bare to the south and offered great views all the way to the Ailsa Craig and the Kintyre Pennisula as well as Arran. I would wager on a really fine and clear day you may even be able to see the Merrick away down in the Galloway Forrest.

Top of Turbine No. 40, Whitelee Windfarm

It's a bit disconcerting the first time you stand next one of the big turbines. They are massive and strangely quiet for the size and speed that they are spinning at. I can imagine that they could give some people the fear. Yep they are that big.

There's excellent car parking and a brilliant visitor centre with toilets and showers should you need one. They also have a cafe should you want a feed as well as an excellent exhibition space explaining everything that goes on there and the wildlife you can expect to see. For the less active you can take a bus round, that stops at some of the great view points. If you get a chance and it's a dry day, give it a go you maybe surprised. Oh and it's free, no charge.

If there's any questions then leave me comment and I'll try my best to answer it.

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