Thursday, 30 September 2010

Worth waiting for?

My wife brought this home for me tonight. I'm a happy happy man. It's
the new Jack Reacher novel. I've read all 15 previous stories. Well
more like inhaled them ever since I discovered Killing Floor in one of
those hotel lending tables. You know the places I mean, the place
everyone dumps their used paperbacks instead of incurring the weight
on the way home from, Greece for me that time.

I think this one is going to be different. I'm almost scared to read
it. The last novel was a bit of a shock, Reacher is getting on, he's
old, mentally he's a fraction slower, physically he's not as strong.
He very nearly met his match and now seeing the title, 'Worth Dying
For'. Is this it? Is he at a cross roads? I haven't even read the
jacket and my mind is racing. What if this it? No more Reacher, it's
possible. Plus it's the first time Lee Child had release two novels in
the same year. That's big in itself. Something big and explosive is in
this book and only reading it will set it in motion! Oh I am scared,
maybe later. I've got the fear, I wish I was Reacher.....

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