Sunday, 5 September 2010

Days Out - Whitelee Windfarm - 2nd Time

Whitelee Windfarm

It was a fine day if a little windy yesterday and my parents were up visiting from Cumnock. They were really only up to see my daughter, I'm second best, probably actually third behind my wife. They brought the dog with them, Breagh an Irish springer spaniel. They wanted to go out somewhere with the buggy and also somewhere they can take the dog. We've now, in the last 9 months or so exhausted all of East Kilbride's parks and walks that are suitable for both the dog and the buggy. Having enjoyed myself so much the last time at the windfarm, I made the suggestion. However I did prefix it with a warning, once we're out on the moss there's just the walking and the views. My mum asked can we get a coffee near by and I told her about the cafe in the visitors centre. That settled it, we were off. Somewhere to get a coffee seems to be the clincher for my parents these days.

We arrived and got parked. It was really busy, the car park was almost full. Visitors ranging from families, casual walkers, Mountain bikers and dog walkers were all about. After that we headed over to the visitor centre and my Mum got the coffees in while Dad and I fed Rowan.

I was much better organised this time and we took the Lochgoil curcuit as recommended by Phil Turner, @PhilOutdoors. It was a cracking walk and we took it at an easy pace. I'm going to have to go back again, as about half round, near the control centre there's a monument in the middle of the field but I didn't want to enter the field as it was full of sheep. Never a good idea regardless of how well your dog is trained. I'm thinking its probably a covenanter memorial. There's plenty of them dotted alround this area and I've visited a few. I'd be very surprised if it's not. I'll need to get up close to know for sure.

Whitelee Windfarm

I really need to get myself a decent camera. My photographs really are not doing the views and justice what so ever.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the dog got a good run out. Two new converts to the wonders of the Windfarm. 

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