Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dreams by the Sea

Ostel Bay

Last weekend was spent on the Cowal Peninsula. For those that don't know that's a part of Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. One of those long fingery like strands that point down to the Firth of Clyde and the Irish sea. The dreadlocks on Scotlands head if you like. We were staying at the Kames Hotel, Tignabruich.

Ostel Bay

While there we found a stunning sandy bay. When I say 'found' I mean I read about it on the t'interwebz and then asked at the hotel. A very helpful member of staff at the hotel gave great, concise insturctions. It's common knowledge to the locals and they willingly gave directions when asked. We wouldn't have found it otherwise. Off we went following what we had been told. It was a fine day. The earlier clouds and showers were clearing and the sun was starting to show. We found the lay-by and parked up. Grabbed our bags and the camera. Boots on. After a nice, enjoyable twenty minute walk along a private road. No cars allowed. It's a conservation area. We were rewarded with a stunning sandy bay and no-one else around but us. We had the place to ourselves. Just us and the wildlife. Gulls and oystercatchers. Not a human soul. It was just beautiful. My photographs don't do it justice. Go visit, go find it and if your lucky you to will have this magical place to yourself.

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